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Bike Tours

Traditional bicycle or electric bicycle?


The main advantage of the electric bike is that it allows you can ride more kilometers without getting exhausted. In short, you can tackle routes that maybe with a traditional bicycle would not dare. The unevenness will be overcome more easily and you will hardly notice the excess kilometers.

Every night, when arriving at the accommodation, do not forget to charge the battery to be able to face the next stage with sufficient guarantees.

The main drawback, without a doubt, is the price. It's more expensive tor rent an e-bike than a tradicional bike, obviously, but if you can afford it's a worthwhile option. Keep in mind that on many routes the the tradicional bicycle is already included int the price. And only a supplement is paid. In any case, we recommend that you take a close look at whats is included in each proposal.

To finish, whether E-bike or traditional, we always supply the bike with an air pump included, a tool kit, a tube and a patches box.

We always check the bikes before your rent. We want the bike will be in perfect conditions so that you don't have any problems and can enjoy a good tour.

We request payment with credit card