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Bike Tours

Guided or Self-Guided?.


Sometimes it is not easy to know if one option is better or the other. Therefore, let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of one or the other option in our routes. In any case, all accommodation is included with breakfast. And also the transport of luggage, accommodation to accommodation. In addition, in all our proposals, there is always the option to rent a traditional bicycle (with gear) or an electric bicycle (e-bike), if necessary. In our routes it can be included or not the transfer of Airport - Hotel (first and last day), independently if it is guided or Self-Guided. And there may be assistance vehicle whether it is Guided as Self-Guided. Consult the characteristics of each particular Tour, options and supplements.

In any case, our Guided Tours are always with a professional guide, resident in the territory. He knows the places of interest in the area, the most beautiful sites and also the ways and shortcuts. That can be a great help if for some improvised reason you have to change the route plans (a breakdown, an untimely storm, a fall ...). And it can also be interesting if you observe that during some stage there is plenty of time and the group is interested in visiting some place not initially planned: a waterfall?, an old mill?, a vineyard?, ... or a good local restaurant? In principle, the planned is always follow the planning, but thanks to the guide, who knows rigth the territory, it will always be easier to adapt the route to the group and the schedules.

On the other hand, the guide carries with it tools and the necessary spare parts: some tubes, spare parts, change and brake cables ... and thanks to its good knowledge of mechanics, most faults will be solved without problems.

They also always carry an emergency kit, which luckily, has practically never had to be used. Meet the nearest emergency care centers. And also know where you can find a pharmacy, where on the route.

However, their knowledge and experience are undoubtedly their highest value. Have you ever had to offer energy bars, glucose gels or, above all, water (three things you always carry), to participants who have started some stage with too much enthusiasm. Or it has modified the route because it has perceived that the level of the participants was not enough to finish "worthily" the route.

Obviously, our guides speak Catalan (native language), Spanish and English and / or French. They are natives and with any local person they will be understood without problems!

The Self-Guided tours always offer, in all cases, a GPS with the included track, batteries, stand, charger and a basic and simple manual (but sufficient) to be able to use the GPS without problems. Also - in some cases - we offer the option of a mobile app. (Speaktracks) that will inform and comment the route at all times. In this case, we recommend you to carry an extra charged external battery. And on some other routes - mainly the most touristic ones - we offer a PDF manual on the places of interest of the route.

If you speak a little Catalan or Spanish, you know about bicycle mechanics, it tends to have a good orientation ..., the main advantage of choosing the Self-Guided option is, above all, if there are few people. First, because the price is much lower. In addition, being few (2 or 3 people) it will be easy to agree if there is to cut or modify the planning provided by some unforeseen; to stay longer in some place (dismissing some other visit) or to cut a stage if they are not too interested. With few it is easy to agree.

There are not many differences as to dinners and meals. There are guided tours with optional dinner and others not. And there are self-guided routes with lunch included and others not. We recommend that you look closely at what is included in each proposal.