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The routes cataloged as "family and friendly" are habitually routes with a great tourist value. Discovering beautiful villages, visiting wonderful landscapes, enjoying the excellent gastronomy, pedaling along rice fields or tasting  


good wines... are routes to enjoy every moment of the magic that Catalonia can offer.

There are people who like to see beautiful places and nicel villages and also they like the bicycle. That is why they want to travel around this nice 

territory by bicycle. Cycling on paths or small roads, enjoying beautiful landscapes, exploring new routes ... a Romanesque bridge between mountains, an impressive cliff overlooking a large beech forest... They are amateur of the bike that want to discover all that Catalonia can offer them. But riding by bike. 

They are great bicycle enthusiasts and therefore whenever they can, they ride on a bike. Climbs, trails, descents... their passion is the two wheels. They enjoy crossing high mountains with their good mountain bikes or riding on fast roads crossing some mountain passe... Looking for awesome routes for well trained riders, you can found here good proposals.

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What mean the green stars?

The level of the route. Take a look at the table below the green stars of your route and decide.

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